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Terry Allison is a lifelong entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada who has started multiple businesses and enjoyed a very successful corporate sales and marketing career with international technology companies in both Canada and USA.

Terry is a digital marketing consultant, trainer and implementation expert who helps companies profit through simplified digital marketing strategies. He has personally managed large digital ad spends on behalf of clients and been able to consistently drive lead generation campaigns. Terry’s clients are some of the most normal types of companies and small businesses. He has helped them grow in their respective markets with online strategies that produce results.

Terry Allison
Terry Allison

For about 20years Terry has been studying and implementing the online strategies of top tier marketers in Canada and the United States. By leveraging a number of tested programs and systems he has been able to duplicate the successes of others. His passion is to work along side business owners, entrepreneurial leaders, subject matter experts, and other organizations to achieve their growth goals.

Terry’s Story

My whole life I have been driven to do my own thing having started several businesses, some with great success and others that failed miserably. I also spent 30 plus years in the professional corporate video industry working with clients in both the USA and Canada. Some clients include those in Canada such as CBC, CTV, Rogers, Bell, Telus and many others. In the USA my clients include CNN, many TV networks like CBS, NBC, FOX, as well as major video production and editing facilities across the USA. I also spent a number of years in my early career producing video programs, music videos and training programs.

Thanks to the internet a whole new world has opened up offering me the opportunity to learn and more importantly share with others skills and strategies for business success. The driving force that motivates me more than anything else is the positive results that I have been able to see in those I have personally trained.

One of the characteristics of many successful people is their ability to re-invent themselves and adapt to changing situations. This describes Terry Allison very well. Be it volunteering his skills and time to organize community events, or in his professional career, Terry has demonstrated the dependability, resourcefulness, creativity and strength of character to be successful. 

Pete Bowen, The Computer Tutor, Orillia

The path I have traveled has not always been as smooth as I would have liked. I’ve tried and failed many times along the way. However, I never give up, I keep studying success, testing and tweaking tools and strategies, and more importantly taking positive action which has ultimately led me to the success I and others enjoy today.

You’ve heard it said, “Success leaves clues.” Success also equals failure and attempt after attempt. However, by modeling the success of others, failures turn into success, rewards and evoking the kind of feelings we all desire.

What I do online, and what I teach others, does not really feel like work or a business to me. In the past I have been an active volunteer on non-profit boards such as a local hospital, as well as scouts and coaching softball. I was even a municipal politician. Today, I rather view my local business activities as way to contribute to my community. And it is very fulfilling.

Terry Allison and I have worked together on several community projects that benefit local non-profits. Terry is always willing to help and can be counted on to get the job done. He is a team player and his insights are very valuable. His passion and efforts to help those less fortunate in our community are to be commended.

Glenn Wagner, Wagner Lawn Care and Orillia Spring Home Show

Nevertheless, my career has gone through two distinct periods in recent years. Beginning in 2009, I was unemployed for 2 long years. These were dark days. However, it was also the motivation I needed to put my part-time digital marketing passion into full gear. I began to really study and implement internet marketing, digital sales methods and presentation marketing under my mentor, Paul Tobey.

Paul is Canada’s leading digital marketer and has trained over twenty thousand people including CEOs, corporate teams, network marketers, entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, start-ups, government departments and small businesses throughout North America. Paul uses and teaches internet marketing, conference marketing, team building and public speaking, and has thousands of testimonials and success stories to prove it!

(Terry Allison) has been on our radar as we’ve watched his professional progress in the space of digital marketing and social media, helping other small businesses succeed. We applaud Terry for his success. 

Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros

The proven strategies and tools that I teach small businesses come from my experience in implementing what I have learned from Paul and others. Another mentor of mine is Brian G. Johnson who is literally and figuratively writing the book on building a brand of trust online.

In 2012, the corner was turned when I was invited to join the sales team by Ken Forbes at Orillia Trim & Door. An exciting world of opportunity opened up as I began to implement online digital methods that had amazing revenue results for Ken’s business. At the same time I have implemented similar web properties for other small businesses with excellent results.

Terry Allison has been a welcome addition to our sales team. He brings valued organizational management, excellent customer service skills and proven online marketing expertise.

Ken Forbes, CEO of  Orillia Trim & Door Ltd.

Terry’s Training and Methods

To date I have completed multiple digital sales and marketing courses and certifications. I am currently enrolled in yet another digital certification program to keep my skills current and relevant to this fast changing scene. While I primarily train individuals and groups as a one man operation, with the aid of my lovely wife Florence, I have other talented people from all over Ontario who are quite willing to share their experience and success techniques in my workshops.

I found Terry to be informative, responsible and detail oriented. He is a pleasure to work with and takes pride in all his endeavours.

Gord McNeice. Former  Branch Manager at Scotiabank

There are 3 primary elements to the Life-Style Marketing online success formula that I follow and teach: Attract – Sell – Wow! Each of these requires certain strategies and tools to accomplish. Many people teach about pieces of the puzzle but I teach a plan of action, a well-designed system that incorporates simple SEO and  SEM, cost effective Google Ads pay-per-click, easy to edit WordPress websites, and automated Social Media.

We use the Accelerated Learning Method of teaching that helps you learn faster and retain more. I offer live interactive hands-on workshops where we enthusiastically work together to develop and implement the strategies and systems specific to your business or organization. Be sure to attend a no-cost preview event or attend one of my speaking local events available to local business organizations.

Terry is a pleasure to work with. I had the privilege of having him on my team as my teleseminar manager and podcast producer. He provided excellent service, outstanding value, and was true professional to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future and recommend him highly. He makes success happen!

Melissa Galt, The Affluent Creative, Interior Design Speaker & Marketing Coach

Terry’s Local Focus

With the support of my family, my mentors Paul, Brian and Ken, and my great friends, it is time to put my business training programs in action assisting the local small businesses across Canada.

We also would recommend Terry as a very detailed, organized event planner. He took care of details and organized a large event which because of Terry and many others hard work was very successful. Great job Terry.

Eleanor Tinney, Advantage Intravel, Orillia

My goal is to provide my visitors with useful tips, effective tactics and powerful strategies help their business succeed in an exciting online internet age.

To Your Success!

Terry Allison

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My Mission

Over the years I have launched a number of well received businesses from a VCR repair service to an ice cream store and several others. I am very grateful for my customers who have not only purchased my products but have in some cases became great friends. I now embark to grow Strongbow Media with effective products and resources.

Over the last few years, and especially now, these have been my primary business goals and missions:

1) To Help Other Small Local Business Owners Achieve Their Individual Goals and Dreams
Through an informal process I have helped several businesses join the digital online world and now my formalized courses are targeted to provide exact blueprints that result in a positive impact on the owner’s bottom lines.

2) To Have Loads Fun
Having a good time is in learning is really important to me and I am sure to you as well. Who wants to spend their working hours doing something they do not enjoy? So my training offers an informal atmosphere where we can learn and laugh at our mistakes and successes.

We can play a game of SEO, kind of like Chess. We can create fun and informative videos that share value and allow people to see we are human too. And strangely enough, we can laugh all the way to the bank as we turn our businesses into money making machines that also add value to the lives of people we touch.

Learning new things keeps us young and eager. Learning by doing reflects on our output of our business and the quality of our life. So let’s have a ton of fun and fully enjoy all the possibilities that the World Wide Web has to offer.

3) To Make Money
The third item that motivates me is money, but I still need to know that I am helping people to achieve their own goals and personal dreams. As we learn and share, we can laugh all the way to the bank as we turn our businesses into money making machines that also add value to the lives of people we touch.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you were like me as a young person. I participated in many activities such as hockey, cross country running, chess, drama and the like. I always wanted to improve, to win and to have fun. Earning money through our business is a way by which to measure success and it is a very big motivator at times, but I never lose sight of the fact that helping others and having fun are equally important.

My personal mission is to have a measurable impact on the success of small local businesses by helping them tame the chaos and reap the benefits of online digital marketing and sales. Let’s share new ideas, proven strategies and workable tactics that can be easily implemented to achieve mutual success.

I hope you find my business proposals, training workshops and resources insightful. But more importantly, I also hope you’re willing to take the ideas presented and implement them into something tangible and profitable for your business and fulfilling in your life..

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